The new school year is upon us! This is an exciting time but can also be quite stressful for parents, students and especially teachers. Worries about summer slide and planning takes up a lot of room in teachers minds during this time. Thankfully, Mathletics is here to help make the transition back to school easy and fun.  See below for some helpful tips and tricks from a fellow teacher!

Are you new to Mathletics?

Last year our school was new to Mathletics too. Before choosing to participate in the Mathletics program, I had the opportunity to explore Mathletics. I participated in a free trial and was able to be a kid and play on Mathletics myself. To explore Mathletics from a student’s perspective was great because I was able to experience first hand what my students would be experiencing. This sold me on the program, I expressed my happiness with the program to the rest of the staff and we signed up for Mathletics days later!

Has your school recently added Mathletics to their curriculum? If so, check it out before the school year starts!

Get ready for back to school with Mathletics.

Once school starts back up, I plan on getting my students back into the swing of things by using Mathletics. I believe Mathletics is a great way to re-introduce the “dreaded” math class. It is a fun and interactive take on math and a great way to review previously learned math skills. Through live Mathletics, I can also build classroom relationships on the first day through creating healthy competition and peer encouragement.

Mathletics has become a staple in my classroom over the past year. My students love it and I adore it! Seeing my students respond to the interactive instruction and boosting their test scores has made my life as a teacher easier. Starting up my second year of Mathletics, I am more than ready! Before school begins, I will be updating my roster and reviewing all the amazing new tools Mathletics has to offer.