The 3P Learning team is pleased to announce the release of a series of multimedia resources that covers essential early numeracy learning – Numeracy for Early Learners, now available in your current Mathletics subscription at no additional cost.

Numeracy For Early Learners contains three engaging ways to teach numeracy in the classroom:

Magic Mentors

Access over 18 entertaining and educationally rigorous math videos that explore early numeracy topics. Each video is complemented with teacher lesson plans and hands-on student activities to extend the learning in the classroom. Instructional, in class content to keep your early learners engaged.


Numbeanies Games Box

Open the Numbeanies virtual games box to explore a library of over 30 card games that support a range of math concepts. Bring Augmented Reality (AR) technology into the classroom with the Numbeanies Number Forest app, paired with AR-enabled flashcards. Dozens of games and hours of learning!


Una and Jiro’s Number Journey

Through interactive storybooks that discover the numbers 1-10, students can experience numbers in a variety of different representations through relatable situations that connect to their lives. With each storybook, teachers can take the learning beyond the story pages with complimentary printable materials. It’s a unique blended learning approach, combining numeracy and literacy.


Why is early numeracy important?

According to the National Council of Teaching Mathematics, research indicates that creating engaging and encouraging early math encounters within the first six years of a students’ life, develops their confidence in their math learning. Positive early math learning experiences influence students to cultivate “…curiosity, imagination, flexibility, inventiveness, and persistence, which contribute to their future success in and out of school”. The development of numeracy and number sense is fundamental to the understanding of most mathematical concepts.

Learn more about Numeracy For Early Learners here!


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