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Increasing math proficiency continues to be an area of improvement for today’s learners – and is a critical component in supporting career- and college-ready graduates.

Washoe County School District is eligible for the Mathletics Winter Grant Program – a six-month partnership between Mathletics and your district.

What is Mathletics?
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“The biggest classroom impact I have noticed is that students now enjoy math. Students who are below grade level now have plenty of opportunities to develop those core basic skills in math, while my advanced students are able to excel and explore a variety of new topics.”

Mathletics Teacher, IL

“This is the second year that I am using Mathletics in my classroom. I have found that it has so many  positive advantages. My students are engaged and they find it very motivating as they are able to set goals and track their own progress. It had been essential as an intervention tool in the RTI process. Students absolutely love the points that they earn as well. As a Math Intervention teacher it allows me to differentiate instruction by adjusting the grade level common core math objectives for struggling students and it allows advancement of objectives for above average students. The reports component make progress monitoring so easy and practical. Students use the examples as needed with each lesson. I am ecstatic just thinking about the academic outcomes this year. I truly appreciate the professionalism and efficiency of the technical assistance provided by the Mathletics Program staff. “

Pamela Whittred, Math Intervention Teacher, USA

We’re proud of our curriculum coverage. Our team of education publishers has created a powerful range of courses aligned to the Common Core, TEKS, MAFS and state-based math domains and standards. Targeted, adaptive, engaging and designed to meet the requirements of the curriculum across Elementary to High Schools – with reporting and assessments to match. We’ve even created a simple custom course builder to give teachers even greater freedom.

Rebekah O'Flaherty, CEO, 3P Learning

How can Mathletics help my district?

Targeted for Common Core and NVACS

Including over 1,200 individual adaptive practice activities and eBooks covering Kindergarten to High School, our resources follow the programs of study for the Common Core, TEKS, MAFS and other state-based standards including NVACS.

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Enhance learning with technology

Mathletics courses are aligned to Elementary and Middle School math standards and designed for all learning styles. Resources include animated tutorials, audio support, rich learning tasks and adapt to the learning pace of each child.

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Differentiate in a few clicks

Customizing a course of your own is as simple as drag and drop. Add, move, rename or remove content from the full Mathletics library to suit your needs. Once created, a custom course is available to every teacher in the school.

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Math for all learners, at all levels

  • Mathletics engages students with fun and exciting activities that is aligned to the Nevada Academic Content Standards (NVACS), with materials from Kindergarten to High School.

  • To reduce the need for remedial courses at the post-secondary level, Mathletics can help ensure higher math proficiency by using consistent support for math learning at all grade-levels.

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Facilitate learning and knowledge construction with technology

  • Enable 21st century learners across all learning styles with an interactive multimedia portal containing courses, activities, rich learning tasks, and math-based games.

  • Maximize the student learning experience by combining digital and traditional classroom methods

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Flexible learning plans adjustable to individual needs

  • Tailor instruction to meet the needs of every child in your diverse student population and provide teachers with the tools to pave each student’s learning path

  • Mathletics fully recognizes the UDL framework in supporting students with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and students with specific learning disabilities (SLDs)

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The Mathletics Winter Grant Program provides schools a firsthand experience how Mathletics’ award winning technology and content can help strengthen students’ math facts, fluency, and overall proficiency; as well as provide educators with a resource that lends itself to blended learning, differentiation, intervention and much more.

Terms and conditions apply. Contact your Mathletics representative for more details.

Mathletics helps increase math outcomes across grade levels

Meet your Mathletics team

Charlie Friscia

Head of District Partnerships

Charlie Friscia is the Head of District Partnerships for the Americas at 3P Learning. Over the last two years, his past roles include working with school principals and teachers to help address their respective student needs. In his current role, Charlie regularly consults with the heads of the largest U.S. school districts to understand their respective numeracy goals and requirements, their student and educator gaps, and works collaboratively to provide solutions that best address their needs.

Tel: +1 315 238 5116