Mathletics is purpose built to increase the academic advantage of low-income students

The purpose of Title I funding is to ensure that all children have a fair, equal, and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education. Title I provides funds to improve the achievement of the at-risk population of students in order to meet academic achievement standards.

Mathletics supports the achievement of all students by ensuring students’ individual learning needs are met through varied approaches. Mathletics is designed to support teacher-led instruction and student driven learning.

Explore how Mathletics is aligned with Title I funding provisions:

Title I provision: Resource includes academic assessments that provide information on progress made towards meeting and exceeding state academic standards

Mathletics includes an array of online math assessments, designed by math educators, that provide an authentic and engaging experience for students.

Each test question is mapped to math domains and standards, making them particularly useful for benchmarking student progress and identifying weaknesses that need extra attention to meet and exceed state academic standards.

Online assessments have been designed by our math experts to specifically target state-based math standards, making benchmarking easy.

Title I provision: Resource includes assessments that assist in diagnosing, teaching and learning to support students in meeting state academic standards

The assessments included within Mathletics provides teachers with in-depth reporting needed to determine next steps for teaching and learning. Once teachers have determined a benchmark using Mathletics state-based math standards assessments, powerful reporting features will assist in diagnosing and identifying areas in need of extra support.

Title I provision: Resource helps disadvantaged children with limited English proficiency and/or disabilities meet state academic standards

All activities have animated visual support allowing everyone to follow the lesson, Inclusive of ESL and ELL students. Curriculum questions can also be read aloud by Mathletics, supporting students who may have lower reading ability levels.

A large and increasing amount of content within Mathletics now includes a range of accessibility options for students with a variety of needs, inclusive of increased visual and auditory requirements.

Mathletics uses a range of auditory, visual and kinaesthetic techniques to support students’ learning in a variety of ways – including videos, a library of printable content, plus a range of interactive components in the Concept Search.

Title I provision: Resource effectively involves parents

Mathletics includes parent functionality where parents can login and view their child’s progress in real time. They can also opt-in to receive weekly reports by email in order to stay engaged with their child’s progress and participation.

Title I provision: Resource supports after/before school programs and school year extension programs

Mathletics includes a range of features that promote and enhance learning outside of the classroom including before and after school as well as summer school:

  • Range of printable workbooks that students can complete at their own pace.

  • Teachers can assign tasks for completion outside of class hours.

  • Mathletics Student App with offline functionality, which allows students to complete assignments, even if they don’t have access to the internet.

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