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A free online math event challenging Texas schools to take over the Mathletics USA Hall of Fame!

We want to see the top 10 positions of the Mathletics Class Hall of Fame filled with Texas schools!

When? Jan. 9, 2017 – Jan. 20, 2017.

How? By competing in live fluency challenges and completing TEKS-aligned activities in Mathletics to earn as many points as possible each week. The goal is for Texas classes to earn more points than any other state, and take over the weekly Hall of Fame!

How to get involved? You don’t need to be using Mathletics at your school, simply sign your class up for FREE and you’re ready to go.

Simply follow these three quick steps…

“On behalf of my students, I pledge allegiance to the Texas Hall of Fame Takeover! Together we will earn as many Mathletics points as possible to put Texas students on top.”

How can your class appear on the Hall of Fame?

By completing assigned activities or homework in Mathletics (and by playing Live Mathletics!) your students will earn points. Inside their Mathletics account, they will see their DAILY POINTS shown on screen. If their daily points total is high enough, they will automatically appear on the Hall of Fame.

How are the Hall of Fame leader boards calculated?

The Top Students leader board counts all points earned by students within the current 24-hour period, their DAILY POINTS (visible in the Student Console). The Top Classes leader board shows the Top 100 classes by total points, ranked by student average points, during each weekly period.

Click here to view the Hall of Fame.

Click ‘Country’ in the top right hand corner of the Hall of Fame and scan for TEXAS!

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