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Transforming the way students learn through technology.

Integrating technology into the classroom doesn’t have to be a scary task. Mathletics makes it fun and easy for teachers and students alike! Students enjoy the interactive and engaging content while teachers are excited to have data and reporting right at their fingertips. With Mathletics you can ensure students will reach their fullest potential and have fun while doing it!

A blended learning solution for your school with a wide range of learning resources from on-line curriculum aligned activities grouped by topic to interactive activities, eBooks and videos.

Create an inclusive environment in your classroom with discreet differentiation.

Promotes continuous growth for every student by enabling teachers to create personalized learning pathways

Results and Reporting for data driven learning with easy access to diagnostic data and tools

Targeting Math Standards…

We are committed to providing a resource that is powerful, targeted and most importantly relevant to all students, with well over 1,200 individual adaptive practice activities and eBooks available for all cycles.

Our team of education publishers has created courses that specifically meet the requirements of both the Texas TEKS and Common Core. Standards within the curriculum are supported by courses for K-8 plus Algebra I & II, broken down into topics that represent the major areas of focus within each grade. Topics are aligned to Mathletics activities and include pre- and post-assessment.

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