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Beat the summer slide with the Mathletics summer certificate program!

The Mathletics summer certificate program motivates students to earn a set number of certificates over the summer months. It’s simple – the more math practice they do, the more certificates they earn. Set the challenge for your class today!


Mathletics Summer Certificate Program

The Mathletics Summer Certificate Program provides the customizable materials necessary to meet your needs and ensure continuous practice of mathematics skills throughout the summer. The Summer Certificate Program is the method preferred by Mathletics Schools and the Mathletics Implementation Team to prepare students for next school year. It’s free and a lot of fun!

The Mathletics Summer Certificate Program

Two easy steps to get started:

1. Choose a number of certificates for students to earn.

2. Challenge your students to reach that target by using Mathletics over the summer (using their current login details).

The Mathletics Summer Certificate Program

Mathletics Reward System posters

Motivate your students with these handy posters – perfect for showing students how to get the most out of their Mathletics points and work towards achieving Bronze, Silver and Gold Certificates.


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