One Mathletics for younger students…

The school journey starts with Mathletics. A dedicated interface for younger students and a targeted, rewarding and highly engaging learning resource to power math learning from Kindergarten through to Grade 6.

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…another for the higher grades.

As students progress into higher grades, their learning requirements evolve. Purpose-built to provide Grade 7+ students with the math study resources they need to progress into High School and beyond, while taking greater control of their own learning.

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“Our commitment to the curriculum is second to none.”

Whether it is Common Core, TEKS, MAFS or state-based math curricula, our publishing team has created powerful activities to target domains and standards. We are also passionate about our rich, open-ended learning resources. Add in our reporting tools and you’ve got a powerful and individualised resource.

Peter Walters, CEO 3P Learning Americas.

Peter Walters, CEO 3P Learning Americas