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Guide your students with Play Paws

Making sense of numbers can be difficult, so make it easier with Play Paws.

With two game modules, guided and practice, students are supported as they use ten frames and place value blocks to master addition and subtraction strategies — all while making friends with the playful animals with paws of course!

Launch into the Multiverse

Multiverse is an immersive multiplication fact fluency and recall game.

Set in a rich, animated science-fiction world, students use their knowledge and recall of multiplication facts in a story context, to scan asteroids, harvest resources, navigate through space and even defeat space pirates!

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Take a walk through the Rainforest

Rainforest Maths is for teachers and students!

With visual representations, animations and clear interactive explanations, this is a fantastic tool for teacher demonstrations, guided learning or individual revision of mathematical concepts. Also, if you’re happy to let them loose in the jungle, it can be a fun homework tool too!

Compete with friends from around the world

Did you know that over 5 million Live Mathletics games are played every day? Welcome to the fast-paced and exciting world of LIVE Mathletics!

Students from around the world challenge each other in a real-time race, to test their speed and accuracy and improve fluency in number and algebra problems.

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