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The Times Table Toons

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The Mathletics Dictionary

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Mathsterious Mansion

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Get Times Table Toon-tastic!

Meet Max and his band, the famous Times Tables Toons from Mathletics. Sing along as they dance and count their way through the multiplication tables. Mastering multiplication has never been more fun or more memorable!

  • 11 original times tables songs from 2x to 12x tables.

  • Each song has a unique, engaging and animated story.

  • An interactive, memorable and fun way to learn multiplication skills anywhere and anytime.

  • Hugely popular with children across the world.

  • Available for phone and tablet devices.

Touch, tap, swipe, explore.

Meet the Mathletics Dictionary, a great way for students of all ages to learn mathematical terms through animated illustrations and interactive activities.  From the team behind Mathletics comes a great way to expand understanding of mathematical words and terms through illustration and animation.

  • Based upon the hugely popular Concept Search within Mathletics.

  • Hundreds of mathematical terms, split into easy to follow categories and subjects.

  • Interactive animations to explore and explain concepts.

  • Easy search function – search just like a real dictionary.

  • Includes full audio descriptions for each term.

Enter the Mathsterious Mansion…

Students embark on an engaging adventure with quirky characters that live in the mansion – mastering the skills of addition and subtraction along the way.

  • A stand-alone iPad app from the team behind Mathletics.

  • Great for learning and mastering addition and subtraction.

  • Five challenging and highly replayable levels of difficulty to unlock.

  • Two game modes plus a special Reward Game.