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Finally, a resource made for you, Oklahoma!

Word on the playground is that schools in Oklahoma are looking for resources to help support all levels of learners, while engaging students and stimulating curiosity. All this while integrating technology into the classroom to enhance content delivery to students and improve student achievement. Wow! There’s no monkeying around there. Luckily there is a solution that can hit this one out of the park. Introducing Mathletics.

Mathletics is an online learning platform that puts students and teachers first, all while supporting Oklahoma schools. Take a look around to learn more!

Mathletics provides strong support for all students:

  • Blended learning is captured with offline resources that cater to the needs of all learners

  • Videos, eBooks, and printables cater to all learning types

  • Teachers can create personalized learning pathways with ease to promote continuous growth for every student

  • Create an inclusive environment in your classroom with discreet differentiation

Mathletics stimulates curiosity and helps create enjoyment of math:

  • Interactive and gamified activities allow students to manipulate and explore concepts – powered by adaptive technology

  • Students can race to the finish line with Live Mathletics

  • open-ended problem-solving questions help students develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts

  • Videos engage learners while deepening knowledge, skills and conceptual understanding

  • Engaging environment where students build foundational math skills

Mathletics enhances learning through technology:

  • Web based platform is available anywhere, anytime, on a variety of devices

  • Customizable student interface provides age-appropriate learning space for all students

  • Simple and intuitive interfaces for students and teachers with help and support available when, where and how you need it

  • Accessibility options, SSO and tablet integration

Meet your Mathletics expert, Cory!

Meet your Mathletics team

Cory Gibson

Business Development Manager

Looking to introduce Mathletics into your class, school or district? Cory is here to help. Cory is a passionate family man who enjoys watching football, hockey and lacrosse. His wife is a teacher so he understands the struggle of trying to get students to enjoy math class. Cory loves to take that challenge and show schools it is possible with Mathletics!

If you require more information, a school quote or would like to trial Mathletics in your school today fill out this form and a Mathletics expert will be in touch!