Mathletics: powering math learning across the NYC DOE

Schools across the NYC DOE Community School District 23 achieved outstanding math results with Mathletics this academic year…

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Mathletics is a K-12 online math resource,  proven to boost student results on standardized assessments.

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  • Is 392
  • Kappa V
  • Ps 156 Waverly School Of The Arts
  • Mott Hall IV Middle School
  • And more!
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Mathletics is proven to significantly increase student assessment scores – see the 2016 improvement data from P.S. 100 Glen Morris!

“Mathletics keeps our P.S. 100 students excited about math, with its easy-to-use online framework and engaging live math competitions! It has helped boost our math test scores and importantly, has been a great motivational tool for our students!”

Laureen Fromberg. Principal, P.S. 100 Glen Morris (District 27)

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Mathletics. Made for students.

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Mathletics and districts. The perfect partnership…

Using our targeted and adaptive curriculum content, assessment resources and powerful multi-school reporting tools, district after district is experiencing the Mathletics Advantage. The impact of Mathletics multiplied across a district is truly transformative. Take a look at just some of the districts, dioceses and networks making up the national Mathletics community…

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