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After having Mathletics at our elementary school for half a year now, I can say that it is a greater success than I ever imagined it would be. Not only are the students focused on academic pursuits while online, they are quite enjoying the opportunities to get their names or the name of our school on the Mathletics homepage. Teachers have also shared with me that they have found the students’ abilities in math class have increased an average of fifteen percent since they have been on Mathletics. Just the fact that students now enjoy math class and look forward to it has made the job of the teacher much easier. Students who previously were reluctant to pay attention in math class now have greater confidence and are actively participating. Without a doubt, Mathletics has transformed our school!

– D. Lang, Curriculum Coordinator: Canadian First Nations School

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Mathletics supports teachers and students with:

  • New and unique interfaces for teachers and students

  • Curriculum-aligned content and supporting resources grouped by topic for easy student access

  • Results and Reporting provide new visibility for data driven learning with easy access to diagnostic data and tools

  • Assign functionality allows teachers to schedule and plan ahead

  • Age-appropriate learning spaces to motivate and captivate students

  • Traffic light system: Students can drive their own learning through greater visibility of progress and results

  • Learning resources: Students have access to a wide range of learning resources including interactive activities, eBooks and videos to support their own learning

  • Learning content: Now grouped by topic, making student-driven learning easy

  • Mobile compatible platform in HTML

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  • An extensive library of digital and printable eBooks

  • Access to conceptual and activity videos

  • Courses with scheduling capabilities to plan ahead

  • Customization capabilities with just a few clicks

  • Real-time marking and Immediate feedback

  • Automated reports for students and teachers

  • Teacher guides and previews

  • Simple navigation

  • Single Sign On

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