Mathletics: targeting Common Core and state-based math standards and curricula

Designed in the USA for American schools.

Whether it’s targeted Common Core, TEKS, MAFS or state-based curriculum content, exam preparation or powerful diagnostic assessments that you need, our US-based team of education specialists has you covered.

Mathletics is specifically designed to target the domains and standards required for Elementary, Middle and High School students across America – with reporting and assessments to match. Forging your own path? No problem. Our-drag and-drop tool makes customizing your own course quick and easy.

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“Our commitment to US education standards is second to none. Our publishing team has not only created powerful and targeted curriculum activities but interactive, video and print materials too.

Add in our reporting tools and you’ve got a powerful and individualised resource that is proven to be unsurpassed in the results it produces.”

Peter Walters, CEO 3P Learning Americas.

Peter Walters, CEO 3P Learning Americas

Teachers across the country love teaching with Mathletics

Mathletics - designed for US Math Standards

“Mathletics is not only strengthening students’ math skills, but maybe more importantly, also students’ confidence in their academic abilities.”

Principal, St. Mary of Carmel School

Mathletics - designed for US Math Standards

“Mathletics has been an essential intervention tool in our RTI process, allowing teachers to easily differentiate instruction by adjusting the grade level math objectives for struggling students and advance the objectives for above average students! Last year every student grew in math and met their academic goals – I am ecstatic just thinking about the academic outcomes this year!”

Teacher, Cabarrus Charter Academy

Mathletics - designed for US Math Standards

“Our school uses Mathletics. I no longer have to beg my Grade 5 students to practice their math and neither do their parents!”

Teacher, Triple C School

Following your own course? No problem.

Besides the many ready-made courses available that are aligned to US standards, Mathletics also includes a great Course Creator tool. 

Creating a new course is a simple as drag-and-drop. Add, move or remove content from the full Mathletics library to suit your needs. Great if you want to follow your own path, or create a support or extension course. Once created, a custom course is available to every teacher in the school.

It’s Mathletics, your way. 

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