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Integrating technology into the classroom doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Mathletics makes it fun and easy for teachers and students alike! Students enjoy the interactive and engaging content while teachers are excited to have data and reporting right at their fingertips. With Mathletics you can ensure students will reach their fullest potential and have fun while doing it!

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Creating a 21st Century Classroom With:

Parent, Community & Student Engagement

  • Engaging and customizable student consoles and avatars tailored to your students’ particular level
  • Fluency-based games that captivate students with real-time feedback of questions and support options for students in need
  • Parents have the ability to sign up for a weekly newsletter, keeping them in the loop of their child’s progress through the curriculum.

Proficiency For All

  • Help Identify students’ particular learning styles, strengths and challenges, through assigning curricular-aligned activities and assessing results through an easy-to-read results page (“Assign”)
  • Use blended learning and develop critical thinking skills through the various open ended activities and interactives such as our Ebooks created in partnership with Dr. Marian Small

Build A Solid Foundation

  • Curriculum aligned content
  • Students enhance fluency with Live Mathletics, a 60 second competition against live students around the world
  • Online activities, printables, and eBooks ensure every type of learners needs are met

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A lot of important decisions go into budgeting for the school year. Here’s one decision that students, teachers and parents will all love: Mathletics. Trial it in your school today!

If you experience any difficulties registering for your trial or have any questions, please contact Cory below.

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Meet your Mathletics expert, Cory!

Meet your Mathletics team

Cory Gibson

Business Development Manager

Looking to introduce Mathletics into your class, school or district? Cory is here to help. Cory is a passionate family man who enjoys watching football, hockey and lacrosse. His wife is a teacher so he understands the struggle of trying to get students to enjoy math class. Cory loves to take that challenge and show schools it is possible with Mathletics!

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