Classroom Incentives

Top tips from the Mathletics team to recognise student achievement and build excitement in the classroom!

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Certificate Program

Certificates are granted when a student earns 1000+ points within one week. Celebrate your top students by printing student certificates each Monday and displaying them on your classroom bulletin board.

EXTRA: Reward the student with the most points from last week by earning his/her name in your very own weekly Hall of Fame!

Mathletics Incentives - Certificates

Mathletics Student Wristbands

These wristbands are a great way for students to be recognized for their achievement in math, as well as a personal reminder to keep excelling! We recommend using these wristbands to reward students who earn a Gold Certificate (representing 20 weeks of consistent work!)

Purchase wristbands at just $35 for a pack of 100, including tax and shipping.

Mathletics Incentives - Wristbands

Super Mathlete Trophy

These trophies are perfect for awarding in school assemblies to classes or individuals for high achievement in math. We recommend awarding the class with the highest number of participation points for the previous week with the Super Mathlete trophy. Present the trophy in your weekly assembly and display the trophy in the wining classroom from Monday-Friday.

Purchase trophies at just $40 each, including tax and shipping.

Mathletics Incentives - Super Mathlete Trophy

Mathletics Outdoor Banner

These outdoor banners are a great way to celebrate math and to recognize the achievements of all students! Simply hang the banner anywhere around your school – on your front gate, in your students’ lunch break area or even in the school hall!

Purchase banners at just $80 each, including tax and shipping.

Mathletics Incentives - Outdoor Banner
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