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From standards-aligned content to targeted student-aligned curriculum, test preparation, powerful diagnostic assessments, or Live Mathletics fluency retention, our passionate team of education content specialists have you covered. Mathletics is specifically designed to meet the needs of students while giving teachers control and flexibility.

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Mathletics supports teachers and students with:

  • Data-Driven Teaching and Learning Mathletics analyzes data to generate insights to optimize the learning process. Data-driven teaching allows teachers to make informed decisions about instruction.

  • Instruction is tailored to meet individual student needs. Control is in the hands of the teacher. Teachers can choose to differentiate content, the learning process, or the learning environment.

  • Feedback and Monitoring – Students are given feedback at each stage of their topics, encouraging learners to track their progress and reflect on their own learning. Teachers can view student or classroom results in real time to inform learning decisions for the class, groups and individual learners.

  • Student Growth – Mathletics provides evidence of individual student improvements, strengths and weaknesses. Results are immediate and guide students and teachers in their decisions around learning such as interventions, additional instruction or further practice.

  • Blended Learning – Mathletics combines digital technologies with traditional classroom methods to maximize the student learning experience. Teachers and learners work together to set the pace and balance of instruction.

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  • Real-time marking and immediate feedback

  • Automated reports for students and teachers

  • An extensive library of digital and printable eBooks

  • Courses with scheduling capabilities to plan ahead

  • Access to conceptual and activity videos

  • Customization capabilities with just a few clicks

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Mark Rising

Business Development Manager

With more than 15 years of technology experience and 7 years of EdTech and curriculum experience, Mark Rising has contributed his efforts in pushing Mathletics to the forefront in the US market. Mark’s passion remains strong with helping teachers and students utilize effective instruction and curriculum with the use of technology.