Supporting Middle and High School-aged learners

Older learners need a more mature and study-focused resource. Mathletics is a purpose-built online math resource to provide students with the study tools and math curriculum activities they need to progress through Middle and High School math and take greater control of their own learning.

  • A more mature and age-appropriate learning space for older students.
  • A wide range of curriculum support resources covering the entire curriculum from Middle and High School level and beyond.
  • Students receive clear and intuitive feedback on their progress, allowing them to track and – importantly – to drive their own learning.
  • Excellent resources for exam preparation and review
  • Curriculum content is supported by interactive resources and video tutorials to both support and extend learning
Mathletics for families - secondary
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Don’t take our word for it

We recently asked our huge community of parents what they thought about Mathletics


of parents said that Mathletics makes math concepts easier to explain to their child.


of parents said that Mathletics had improved their child’s understanding of math.


of parents said their child showed increased enjoyment in math through using Mathletics

Average student score when starting a Mathletics activity: 68%
Average student score after completing a Mathletics activity: 92%

*Data taken from 2016 survey to Mathletics-subscribed parents. Student improvement statistic references first vs. latest attempts as individual Mathletics activities, covering student data throughout the 2017 academic year.

Mathletics Workbooks

“Since moving up to Grade 8, my son has struggled to keep up with his classmates but having Mathletics has helped hugely. His teacher commented as much to me at a parent-teacher evening. I find the weekly email report that I receive really useful to help guide him. A great resource!” – Parent