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However you use Mathletics, we’re here to make sure you get the most from the resource in your classroom. Looking to get started with Mathletics? Want to assign some activities to your students, view results, or create some learning groups? Easy. With our Mathletics support page, you’ll be an expert in no time.

Splitting your class into learning groups.

No two students are the same and no class has a single ability level. That’s why Mathletics makes it as easy as drag-and-drop to split your class into differentiated learning groups and assign ability-specific content to each.

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Exploring the Mathletics curriculum content.

Curriculum activities are the beating heart of Mathletics. Fully aligned to the Common Core, TEKS, MAFS and state-based curricula (learn more about that here), these targeted and adaptive activities covered every area of math and include animated support tutorials for each concept.

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Learn more about Mathletics Curriculum Alignment

Assigning class or homework and viewing results.

Curriculum activities can be assigned to individual students or whole classes either for class time or homework. A great way to focus attention or direct their learning. All results sync directly into your own digital mark book for review in real time.

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Personalizing learning for your students.

Every student is different, so you shouldn’t have to use a one-size fits-all solution in the classroom. Mathletics can be customized with personalized learning pathways to support individual students’ progress.

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Making fluency fun with Live Mathletics.

The hugely popular Live Mathletics area is a way to improve mathematical fluency, speed of recall and accuracy – all in an incredibly fun way. Students love it. An excellent warm up to a lesson, or reward for hard work.

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Mathletics for mobile devices.

As well as being a great math resource for desktops and laptops, Mathletics is also accessible on tablets for students (including a very useful offline mode). There is also a great smartphone app for teachers on the go.

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download Student App
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Engaging your students in learning.

Mathletics is a highly engaging learning environment, that encourages students to achieve and make progress. A variety of mechanisms are available to encourage students to strive for great performance. Student engagement is core to Mathletics’ success.

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Empower your teaching with Mathletics Assessments.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to simultaneously assess an entire class’s progress and performance, identify individual weaker areas and then assign specific activities to target them? Yes, we thought so too. 

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Using real-time data to drive your teaching.

The Mathletics Reports area puts a huge amount of real-time data at your fingertips, but how can this help your teaching? Powerful visual tools help you assess time on task, improvements, performance and individual weaknesses.

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The power of data and reporting.

We believe in the power of data in helping students stay motivated & improve their results.

Teachers and administrators have the ability to download a completely packaged view of their entire school’s data in a single click – our Activity and Usage report.

Take a look at what you can do with that data…

Manage your school roll with the Admin Console.

The Mathletics Admin Console is a high-level access point to your Mathletics subscription, giving you a host of school-wide tools.

From within the Admin Console, you can completely manage your School Roll – from adding, editing or removing student accounts, to making changes to classes, moving students between classes, and even adding/removing teacher accounts.

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