The Early Learner’s introduction
to Math

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Jump into the story world
with Una and Jiro

Research has found that picture books are an effective way to improve student engagement in mathematics. They provide interesting contexts and integrate important literacy skills. Una and Jiro’s Number Journey is the perfect way to start the school year for early learners.

With 10 interactive storybooks, 20 worksheets and printed classroom materials, it’s your unique blended learning approach to early numeracy and literacy – finally a good read … and WITH mathematics!

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Open the Numbeanies Games box

Concrete materials are an essential tool for early learners. Yet with technology constantly evolving, the way children want to learn is also changing.

The Numbeanies Number Forest app is an augmented reality (AR) application that supports early number concepts by pairing with AR-enabled flashcards.

With a library of over 30 card games that support a range of mathematical concepts, the AR-enabled flashcards are at the heart of ALL the games in the Numbeanies Games Box – one deck, dozens of games and hours of learning!

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Meet the Magic Mentors

With so many educational videos available at the click of a button, finding quality videos can be tedious and time consuming.

Mathletics has created Magic Mentor Videos, educationally rigorous videos that bring targeted content and pedagogy into mathematics classrooms.

With high-quality animations and real-world locations, it is everything early learners need to connect, consolidate and extend their understanding of mathematical concepts.

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