Mathletics for teachers

Mathletics and School Districts. A perfect partnership.

Targeted and adaptive school district math curriculum content, assessment resources and powerful multi-school reporting tools – the impact of Mathletics multiplied across a district, diocese or network of schools is truly transformative.

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Mathletics for teachers

Just some of the benefits of Mathletics for districts…

  • Making math more high profile across the district or school network and monitoring improvement in math through access to special reports.

  • Mathletics can support any type of school, should that be Elementary, Middle or High School (including Charter schools), with a comprehensive breadth of standards-aligned activities and age appropriate interfaces.

  • We can even help you to run your own district-wide Mathletics competitions!

  • Great value for money with preferential district pricing, including enhanced support and training packages for districts and school networks.

Mathletics for Districts

Age-appropriate interfaces for all students.

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all, so Mathletics evolves with the student from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

Starting with a targeted, rewarding and highly engaging interface for Elementary learners, Mathletics matures to support older students with a purpose-built interface providing Grade 7+ learners with the math study resources they need to progress though Middle to High School and beyond, while taking greater control of their own learning.

Mathletics Primary and Secondary Schools
Elementary/Middle Schools
Middle/High Schools

Districts and Mathletics, working together.

District after district is experiencing the Mathletics Advantage across their schools. Take a look at just some of the districts, dioceses and school networks who make up the national Mathletics community…

Mathletics for districts

Keep updated with ongoing reporting for each school…

Mathletics includes a raft of reporting tools for teachers, from comprehensive overviews of whole-school progress down to detailed individual student progress reports. Mathletics reporting highlights areas of strength and development for each cohort, allowing for even greater targeting and personalization.

At key points throughout the year, each school also receives an overview report of progress, engagement, improvement, awards and curriculum mastery.

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Mathletics Multi Academy Trusts Reporting

…plus a range of powerful multi-school reporting…

Mathletics Multi Academy Trusts Reporting

As well as in-depth reporting for individual classes and schools, Mathletics also includes a specialist set of reporting tools for school groups, perfect for Districts and School Networks.

Multi-school reporting covers a variety of areas and can be customized to meet the objectives of each group of schools. As well as covering progress, engagement, improvement, awards and curriculum mastery, the report examines trends across all schools.

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…and go further with the District Reporting Console.

We’ve worked in partnership with real administrators and school network leaders to create the District Reporting Console. Live and interactive data covering engagement, usage, improvement and achievement – for every school in your network.

Easy-to-use filtering allows you to view collective data for a selection of schools or your entire network. View data covering usage and achievement, as well as improvement and engagement metrics. Real-time data exactly where you need it… at your fingertips.

Mathletics Multi Academy Trusts Reporting

Supporting your teachers from day one.

However you plan to use Mathletics across your schools, we’re here to help you. Whether you want to assign activities, view results, run assessments or create learning groups, with ongoing support from our team and the Mathletics teacher support portal you’ll be an expert in no time.

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Mathletics for teachers - support

We love learning. That’s why we offer special pricing for districts and school networks. With targeted content and dedicated reporting tools, Mathletics is already phenomenal value. Speak to our team to find out about the pricing options available for your schools.

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