Did you know that students across Cobb County achieved outstanding math results with Mathletics this academic year?

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This award-winning online math resource is aligned to the CCSS, and delivers powerful, personalized math practice with corrective feedback to K-High School students.

Schools across Cobb County
love learning with Mathletics

A few of the Georgia schools succeeding with Mathletics today:

  • Green Acres Elementary School
  • Milford Elementary School
  • Hollydale Elementary School
  • Brumby Elementary School
  • Belmont Hills Elementary School
  • Argyle Elementary School
  • Teasley Elementary School
  • Harmony Leland Elementary School
  • Hendricks Elementary School
  • Labelle Elementary School

Raves from Cobb County math teachers, academic coaches, and students:

“I assign standards to mirror what is being taught on their grade level pacing guide”

“Teachers love the aligned curriculum that meets the needs of all students in our K-5 building”

“The beauty of Mathletics for me is I can differentiate for every student in the building”

“The program shows us strengths and weaknesses with students, in classrooms, across grade levels, and school wide. The data collected can be used for RTI.”

“With the instant data collection, I can remediate or accelerate immediately”

“As you know after a few attempts with Mathletics, many students learn to self-correct and then they don’t even need me”

“I love the fact that we can compete with anyone in the world with Live Mathletics”

– 5th Grade Student

“Many students are motivated by the awards, as they enjoy using it in particular during a math station in the classroom.”


Mathletics. Made for Georgia students.

  • Engaging: Rewards, bonuses and incentives to appeal to all learning styles.

  • Targeted Content: Fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards.

  • Dedicated Interfaces: Age appropriate students consoles to transition students from primary to secondary math.

  • Personal & Individual: Create personal learning pathways for each student with custom course content and assignments.

  • Mobile Ready: Tablets in the classroom? We’ve got an app for that. No internet required!

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