Mathletics Certification: take your teaching to the next level.

Thousands of teachers use Mathletics in their classrooms. From a supplementary tool to a fully embedded teaching, assessing and reporting tool, teachers are using Mathletics in a huge variety of innovative ways.

The Mathletics Certification Pathway is a great way to learn more about how to most effectively use Mathletics and share the practices with your colleagues. Certification is an excellent way to learn new and innovative teaching practices and pedagogy.

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The Mathletics Certification Pathway

Mathletics online teaching certification is a simple three stage process, designed to guide you from the initial implementation of Mathletics in your classroom, through more advanced integration, and culminating in Lead Educator status. You can complete one, two or all the stages – it’s completely up to you.

Mathletics Teacher Certification Level 1
Mathletics Teacher Certification Level 2
Mathletics Teacher Certification Lead Educator

Getting started…

It couldn’t be easier to get going. Download your certification pack to read more about what is required to progress through the stages. You can advance at your own pace and you’ll receive a special certificate to acknowledge your success at each step.

Mathletics Teacher Certification

Download your Level 1 Certification Pack.

Mathletics Teacher Certification

Complete the short ten minute online survey.

Mathletics Teacher Certification

Move on to your Level 2 Certification Pack.

Mathletics Teacher Certification

Move on to final Lead Educator certified status.


“We are hugely proud of the Certification Pathway. We believe in the power of sharing best practice and developing not only students but our teacher community too.”

Peter Walters, CEO Mathletics USA

Mathletics Teacher Certification

Why should I get certified?

We understand that as a teacher you are unlikely to be burdened with heaps of spare time. So why should you spend some of it progressing through the Mathletics Teacher Certification Pathway?

  • Math teacher certification is a great way to learn more about how to most effectively use Mathletics. It’s an excellent way to learn new and innovative teaching practices and pedagogy.

  • The community of certified teachers at Mathletics are continually feeding their latest ideas and practices back into the pathway, to be shared with others.

  • Learn how to quickly and easily share Mathletics knowledge and best practice across your colleagues.

  • Be amongst the first to preview and offer feedback on new and developing features with Mathletics.

  • You will be fully supported by the Mathletics team and it is completely FREE!

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Mathletics Teacher Certification

“Becoming a Mathletics Lead Educator has really changed who I am and what I do. The program has such great positivity… It really builds teachers up.”

Stuart MacKenzie, Mathletics Lead Educator

Mathletics Teacher Certification

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Mathletics Teacher Certification

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