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The award-winning, standards-aligned online math resource delivering exceptional results in Catholic schools for more than a decade.

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Our team of educators is proud to partner with dioceses and archdioceses across the country – supporting teachers and promoting math achievement in the students of our parochial schools.

With Mathletics, Catholic schools are confident that their students will…

  • Benefit from standards-aligned activities

  • Stay on the track-to-success via our powerful assessment tool

  • Reflect on their progress year-round

And students themselves are…

  • Highly engaged by a motivating interface and live-gaming

  • Able to access a range of interactive resources including activities, videos, eBooks, animated dictionary and more

  • Guided by instant feedback and support


Here’s a 90-second glimpse of the ways Mathletics helps K-High School students excel in math!


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“Mathletics is not only strengthening students’ math skills, but maybe more importantly, is strengthening students’ confidence in their academic abilities.” – Principal Aguilar, St. Mary of Carmel Catholic School, Diocese of Dallas

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