Math Bowl 2019

Brooklyn & Queens
April 7th – April 14th

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Schools and students from K-8 Catholic schools in Brooklyn and Queens are invited to represent their school in this FREE and FUN online math competition. The Brooklyn Queens Math Bowl will see students compete in live, multi-player challenges plus answer self-paced adaptive curriculum questions, all using the award winning Mathletics platform.

This event is open only to schools subscribed to Mathletics via their Catholic Telemedia Network.

Mathletics - Catholic TeleMedia Network
  • Simple to register, participate and is completely FREE!
  • A fantastic way to get students hugely excited around math.
  • Special prizes and trophies for top performing students and schools.
  • Includes access to the Mathletics platform – used by over 5m students.
  • Practice period opens April 1, 2019.

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Math Bowl Prizes

  • The first place class from each grade K through 8 will receive digital winning class certificates.
  • The top 5 classes overall will receive a pizza party and classroom plaque!
  • All students who earn over 1000 points during the warm up period or the competition will be awarded a digital bronze certificate which can be printed by each student through the Mathletics student console.
Mathletics Brooklyn Queens Math Bowl 2017

Math Bowl Downloads

Mathletics Brooklyn Queens Math Bowl 2017
Teacher Guide
Mathletics Brooklyn Queens Math Bowl 2017
Certificate Pack

Math Bowl Rules

  • Points from Live Mathletics and Curriculum Activities will be awarded to students individually and are only recorded throughout the competition period listed below:
    April 7 2:00pm EST – Competition opens
    April 14 2:00pm EST – Competition ends
  • Earning points in Live Mathletics: Students earn 1 point per correct answer, or 2 points if they have selected their bonus level.
  • Earning points in Mathletics Curriculum Activities: Students earn 10 points per correct answer, with a maximum of 300 points from any individual activity during the competition period.
  • A “class” is defined as having at least ten participating students. Only schools meeting this requirement are eligible for school prizes.
  • To allow fair competition between schools of different sizes, class points are calculated on an “average points per student” basis. For example, a school of 500 students scores a total of 1,000,000 points during the competition. Their league table ranking would be based on an average of 2,000 points per student.
  • Once the Math Bowl has ended, all results will be verified by the Mathletics team. Upon completion of verification, the winners will be announced on the Mathletics blog. All results as determined by the Math Bowl team are final.