When I initially heard about Mathletics’ Space Race competition I had no idea that a subscribed school could participate. After a conversation with a wonderful Mathletics representative, I found out that we were eligible to sign up and I immediately registered my class. My class of six students was the only class at my school to register so I initially thought of the Space Race as just a fun way to get my kids excited about math and playing Mathletics. I never in a billion years thought we would win!

Check out some quotes from the winning Mathletes!

“It was fun and exciting to see who would win!” Student #1

“I thought it was fun and it was a great learning experience for kids.” Student #2

“I thought we weren’t going to win but we did win!” Student #3

“I liked it. It was fun. What score did you get on Multiverse?” Student #4

“It was fun. It was enjoyable. I liked it! I was happy about it! I played it everyday.” Student #5

“It was fun. I did a lot of math!” Student #6

Here’s how it worked, I would assign activities to the students and have them play Live Mathletics to gain points throughout the competition. These points worked towards Space Race points for my class and we worked extra hard in the second week because it was double the points in honor of Space Week.

After the first week of the competition, I came to learn that my class and school was in second place for the subscribed schools participating. To say that I was shocked was an understatement. I upped the ante during week two because I now believed that my small but mighty class could win. I assigned more activities that the kids loved, took lots of photos and sent them in for points, and introduced my kids to the new Multiverse programming. I also encouraged my students to practice at home and created a “Space Race” themed section of my classroom (space tunnel included) to encourage the fun.

Week two of the competition came and passed and I sat and waited for the results to come in. My class did it…we won! I truly believe that with Mathletics kids can do anything and I believe that is what I want my kids to take out of winning this competition. Congrats to all the other winners! We can’t wait to start enjoying the new Chromebooks at Saint Ambrose School.