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1707, 2017

Yellow Pig Day – 17 July 2017

What do yellow pigs and the number 17 have in common?  We aren’t sure either, but today is Yellow Pig Day and it’s a day to celebrate the unique number of 17. Join [...]

707, 2017

Math 2.0 Day – 8 July

Math is all around us. We have math to thank for a lot of what we encounter every day. Math 2.0 day is a day to celebrate math and technology together and how [...]

1104, 2017

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Brooklyn & Queens Math Bowl 2017!

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Brooklyn & Queens Math Bowl 2017! Congratulations to all the schools and classes who participated in the Math Bowl this year! We had a fantastic turnout of over 900 classes and over 20,000 [...]

404, 2017

Who’s Ahead in the 2017 Math Bowl?

Who’s Ahead in the 2017 Math Bowl? *Scores below were calculated on Thursday 4/6/17 Next and Final score update: Tuesday, 4/11/17 The Brooklyn & Queens Math Bowl is heating up and we have some serious competition [...]

1002, 2017

Captivating all learners with Mathletics

Captivating learners can be one of the biggest challenges that teachers need to overcome. Captivation is about more than increasing student participation. Creating a truly personalized learning experience is about more than just [...]