As we move into 2017, the role of the teacher continues to become more complex and laden with extra demands that impinge on their time spent teaching. Data, reporting, evaluation, committees; the list goes on. It’s all time taken away from their students.

More often than not, planning must be done outside school hours to keep up with the demands of the classroom, with many teachers using a host of different tools to support them. Wouldn’t it be simpler if there was one resource that had the time manangement tools for teachers to help them save time during the workday (and at home) so the needs of their students are met?

We thought so too!

Coming in March 2017 is a completely new experience from Mathletics. We’ve rebuilt the program from the ground up to be as user-friendly, intuitive and supportive as possible, giving teachers the freedom to cater for the diverse needs of the classroom. The brand new generation of Mathletics will save teachers time in a number of ways…

Assign in a few clicks

Planning ahead has never been so easy. With the intuitive new teacher interface, just a few clicks are needed for teachers to assign different activities or whole courses to groups or individual learners, according to their ability and level of conceptual understanding.

No more marking

Put away that red pen and forget about dragging student workbooks around with you. Math activities in Mathletics are automatically marked, with data sent directly into the teacher interface.

Immediate feedback

Students can reflect on their progress, see instantly where they went wrong and are able to address learning gaps in the moment. Teachers can also see these results in real-time with struggling students highlighted for further targeting.

Instant analysis

Student results are instantly analysed by our system and detailed reports generated so teachers can guide the next steps in teaching and learning in just a couple of clicks.

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