Math is all around us. We have math to thank for a lot of what we encounter every day. Math 2.0 day is a day to celebrate math and technology together and how they shape our world. How are you celebrating?

Mathematics is the foundation for almost all science and technology. Things we use every day are in our reach because of math: mobile phones, cars, buildings, computers, tablets and so much more. Math 2.0 day is designed to bring mathematicians, innovators, educators and decision makers together. It presents an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of math literacy and education in schools at all levels.

Get involved with Math 2.0 day at school and at home. Talk about all objects at school, at home, in their cities and the world. Discuss how math and technology assisted in their creation. Take it a step further by asking your students or kids to plan to invent something new or improve something that already exists. Encourage the thinking about where they will need to incorporate math and technology.

At Mathletics, we celebrate Math 2.0 because math and technology make us who we are and we understand the importance of math literacy and education around the world. The integration of technology was our starting point with our online live math challenge, Live Mathletics. Our team of educators and technology gurus use maths to provide a platform for students to learn maths – it’s why we love what we do.

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