3P Learning, the award-winning team behind Mathletics, is excited to announce their next world-class offering, Readiwriter: Phonics.

Designed for early emergent readers, Readiwriter: Phonics helps students progress from letter sounds to words to reading independently by immersing students in stimulating animations, catchy songs, captivating videos, readers and more!

With Readiwriter: Phonics, students don’t need to have a wide vocabulary to learn to decode unknown words. Through a variety of resources within the program, students will begin by mastering letter sounds to words (they can even record themselves saying the phonemes with playback functionality for both student and teacher). Students have the freedom to access these resources as frequently as needed so that they can build confidence in unfamiliar sounds and words while expanding their vocabulary and increasing their reading fluency and comprehension. The power of self-directed learning at its finest.

Educators and families play a critical role in supporting budding readers, which is why we are working with groups across the globe to ensure that the learning resources we develop are teacher-centered, child-focused and parent-friendly.

We couldn’t keep this secret any longer…. Are you readi?

More details coming soon!