Tip Tuesday: How to identify and reward effort with Mathletics

It’s important to Mr Jones that he rewards his students’ efforts just as much as their achievements. He wants to reward students who are demonstrating sustained effort over the term, and encourage those who aren’t regularly practicing their math to engage with Mathletics more. Mr Jones wants to be able to see how long each [...]

Ways to incorporate math during sports

Whether your children play on a team, individually or just enjoy watching sports, it’s easy to incorporate a few quick activities to keep up with math practice. How long was practice? Write down the time when you and/or your child are getting out of the car for practice or a game. When you return to [...]

Math at the supermarket

  A trip to the supermarket or grocery store is usually a weekly and sometimes even daily event.  Bring your child along and keep them occupied with grocery store math activities that not only allow them to be involved with shopping for your family but also incorporate math skills. Cost of Meals Step 1: If [...]

Math at the pool

Going to a pool, swimming in one in your backyard or even taking a trip to the beach are great summer activities.  With math all around us, a day near the water can be a great opportunity to develop and practice math skills. These activities can also be completed out of the water, in a [...]

Tip Tuesday – Viewing Student Improvement with Mathletics

Grade 3 teacher, Tom, wants to see an overview of his students’ progress across the school year so far. It’s a busy time of the year – it’s nearing the end of semester and Tom needs accurate reporting data to give him visibility of his students’ improvement and achievement. He also wants to dive deeper [...]

Pythagorean Theorem Day

No matter where in the world you are or how you write the date today (15/08 or 08/15), August 15 2017 is Pythagorean Theorem Day! 8² + 15² =17² OR  15² + 8² = 17² This doesn’t happen every year so it’s mathematically special! Pythagorean Theorem Day or Pythagoras’ Theorem Day can be celebrated today, [...]

Tip Tuesday – Using Live Mathletics to increase engagement

  Karen has a class of eager grade 3 students, who are learning their multiplication tables. She is looking for a fun and interactive way to help improve her students’ math fluency and mental math skills. Her class loves competing in Live Mathletics against one another. She decides to bring them together as a group [...]

Math 2.0 Day – 8 July

Math is all around us. We have math to thank for a lot of what we encounter every day. Math 2.0 day is a day to celebrate math and technology together and how they shape our world. How are you celebrating? Mathematics is the foundation for almost all science and technology. Things we [...]

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Brooklyn & Queens Math Bowl 2017!

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Brooklyn & Queens Math Bowl 2017! Congratulations to all the schools and classes who participated in the Math Bowl this year! We had a fantastic turnout of over 900 classes and over 20,000 students! Take a look at the list of prizes below: - The first place class from each grade K through [...]