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1104, 2017

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Brooklyn & Queens Math Bowl 2017!

OFFICIAL RESULTS: Brooklyn & Queens Math Bowl 2017! Congratulations to all the schools and classes who participated in the Math Bowl this year! We had a fantastic turnout of over 900 classes and over 20,000 [...]

404, 2017

Who’s Ahead in the 2017 Math Bowl?

Who’s Ahead in the 2017 Math Bowl? *Scores below were calculated on Thursday 4/6/17 Next and Final score update: Tuesday, 4/11/17 The Brooklyn & Queens Math Bowl is heating up and we have some serious competition [...]

1002, 2017

Captivating all learners with Mathletics

Captivating learners can be one of the biggest challenges that teachers need to overcome. Captivation is more than engagement. Creating a truly personalized learning experience is about more than just accommodating different learning [...]

2601, 2017

Giving teachers the freedom of time

As we move into 2017, the role of the teacher continues to become more complex and laden with extra demands that impinge on their time spent teaching. Data, reporting, evaluation, committees; the list [...]

1201, 2017

Meeting diverse student needs with Mathletics

One of the major challenges facing teachers is the need to cater to an increasingly diverse range of students. In the modern classroom, each student has their own unique learning abilities, backgrounds, and [...]