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We know there is nothing more important than supporting your child’s education. Keeping them engaged and motivated in their learning is vital. Whether you’re looking to give them a little extra help, expand their knowledge, or simply give them a head start after the long summer break, Mathletics and Spellodrome are the perfect solutions.

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Love learning math with Mathletics!

  • Customizable interfaces with great themes and avatars
  • Standards-aligned activities covering all topics and themes of math covered at school
  • All activities are automatically marked with clear and intuitive feedback
  • In Live Mathleticslearners can test their skills in a great live online math games against others from across the world!
  • Interactive tutorials to both support and extend the learning
  • full library of printable worksheets included at no additional cost!

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Love learning to spell with Spellodrome!

  • A wide range of great spelling games based on core word lists. A great way to learn, earning certificates along the way!
  • Spellodrome includes an exciting range of activities and challenges for students to explore and learn word lists, with a little competition along the way in Live Spellodrome.
  • Spellodrome word lists pull from a huge bank of over 10,000 words
  • Parents receive weekly reports to view and track progress

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Watch a video and explore Spellodrome!

“My son has improved his attitude towards math. He has told me that Mathletics has been a fun way to complete math problems. He also loves the fact that he is able to work with others from around the world.” – Parent

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