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With growing class sizes and a limited classroom budget it can be difficult to meet the unique needs of every student. We have good news… Mathletics can help!

Discover the immense value that Mathletics will bring to each student.

Live Mathletics with 154 countries

Hundreds of math fluency questions

Real-time reporting

Customized reporting for individual learning pathways

Over 1,200 curriculum activities

750 Virtual Manipulatives

Providing deeper understanding

Audio activities

Supporting auditory learners

Create your own curriculum aligned courses with ease

Over 250 assessments

Diagnose and target student learning gaps

Age-appropriate learning spaces for K-12

40 Conceptual Support Videos

to engage learners and deepen knowledge

Dr. Marian Small Rich Learning

Performance-based activities

Customer Support

Remote training and dedicated school support

No Set-Up or Maintenance fees ever

Mobile Apps for learning anytime, anywhere

Over 300 eBooks (K-12)

Additional print resources

Multiple engagement elements for every type of learner

All this for only $8 – $18* per student / year.

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Did you know that Mathletics:

  • Includes adaptive activities for all levels

  • Provides age-appropriate learning spaces for K-high school

  • Creates an inclusive environment in your classroom with discreet differentiation

  • Promotes continuous growth for every student by enabling teachers to create personalized learning pathways

  • Includes both fluency and problem solving activities for comprehensive learning

  • Various engagement elements to captivate your students

See for yourself how Mathletics can meet the unique needs of all students! Sign up for a free trial and our experts will run you through the resource and set you up with a two week trial account so you can explore on your own.

Learn how Mathletics can meet the diverse needs of your classroom in this short video.

Meet your dedicated Mathletics expert, Kelly!

Meet your Mathletics team

Kelly Cuddihy

Business Development Manager

Looking to introduce Mathletics into your class, school or district?  Kelly’s here to help. Kelly is an avid hiker who loves to spend time in the mountains, almost as much as she loves her cat, Kismet.

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