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An important update for Mathletics schools.

An update to your students’ data will be taking place shortly. This page contains information to be aware of.

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Archiving data for the new school year

At the beginning of each school year, student accounts within Mathletics are refreshed by filing away results data from the previous academic year. This important process ensures that Mathletics continues to run as effectively as possible.

This year, the data archiving will take place between Sunday-Monday, September 4-5, 2016.


What does this mean?

  • The archiving process does not delete data, but files it away to provide clear results reporting for the new academic year.

  • Following the archiving of data, on-screen activity results and gold bars earned throughout the previous academic year will no longer be visible to students. This creates space and allows clarity for teachers viewing results in the forthcoming academic year.

  • Archiving takes place during August to coincide with students moving to their new school year. With a fresh curriculum to work through, and a fresh set of gold bars to earn, the loss of access of the previous year’s gold bars has no impact on their ongoing engagement or success.

  • Important: Archiving only impacts curriculum results data. Students’ avatar customizations, certificates earned and Live Mathletics scores are not affected and will remain visible.

Download a letter for parents

If your school does not wish to have its data archived before the 2016-17 school year, you can opt out of the archiving process. Simply have your administrator email by August 19, 2016.

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